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Employment Law

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Fixed Price Employment Law

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                                                                                             Price      VAT        Total

Compromise agreement                                                   £500       £100       £600

If you are an employer and need assistance drafting a compromise agreement, or tailoring your current agreement to suit a particular employee or set of circumstances, Simpson Sissons & Brooke offers an ‘off-the-shelf’ compromise agreement at a fixed price which guides you through and allows you to tailor a standard document to your specifications. Just give us a call

Consultancy agreement                                                    £150       £30         £180

In consultation with you we can advise on the most suitable type of consultancy agreement to help  you or your organisation. In the contract we can offer protection as well as fairness for either party, advice on termination, advice on levels of service and expectations as well as many other areas. There are a number of key factors which need to be considered above and beyond who is doing what for how much! Contact us for more information or to talk to our employment law expert.

Specialised Employer Letter drafting service               £50         £10         £60

We understand that employers don’t always need regular legal services so we have introduced a fixed price ‘letter writing with advice’ service where you can pay a one off fixed fee, call us and describe your situation and then have your letter professionally written for you . Letters we can draft in consultation with you and on your behalf include:             

  • Employee disciplinary appeal hearing letter
  • Employee disciplinary meeting letter
  • Employee disciplinary meeting outcome letter
  • Employee dismissal letter after previous disciplinary action and an appeal hearing
  • Employee dismissal letter following previous disciplinary action
  • Employee dismissal letter for gross misconduct after an appeal hearing
  • Employee dismissal letter for gross misconduct
  • Employee formal appeal hearing outcome letter
  • Employee suspension letter pending investigations of allegations

Specialised Employee Letter drafting service              £50         £10         £60

We understand that employees don’t always need regular legal services too so we have introduced a fixed price employee ‘letter writing with advice’ service where you can also pay a one off fixed fee. Letters we can draft in consultation with you include:

  • Grievance appeal letter
  • Grievance letter to employer

Employee Handbook                                                       £300       £60         £360

We offer various options for employers looking to prepare update or amend their employment handbooks. It is better for an employer if the policies and procedures in a handbook do not form part of a contract as the business will develop over time and so the policies and procedures will need to be updated. If the policies and procedures form part of an employee’s contract then it will be substantially more difficult to amend them.

It is therefore important to take advice not only at the outset when preparing the handbook, but also on a continuing basis, particularly when considering whether to make amendments to any policies and procedures. Just give us a call to set up an appointment.

Employment Contract or Agreement                            £200       £40         £240

Fixed Term Employment Agreement                             £200       £40         £240

Statement of changes in terms of Employment*         £185       £37          £222

A contract of employment is different to a statement of terms, and there is no legal obligation to provide a ‘contract’ as such. Still, a contract can be useful to employers who want to protect their business and its interests. Contracts of employment can also be drafted to contain other clauses to protect your business. We can advise on what is best for you if you contact us.

*The document you will receive will be solicitor drafted with written advice and consultation extending to approximately 30 minutes.

Employment statement                                                  £100       £20         £120

All employees must be given a ‘statement of terms’, which needs to contain certain information and which is the most basic of terms. This must be given to all employees within two months of their start date. Although failure to provide a statement of terms is not a ‘stand-alone’ claim, an employee can ask the tribunal to award two to four weeks’ pay for failure to provide this information if he or she is bringing another claim. To avoid such issues just call to arrange to speak to one of our legal team.

NOTE: We undertake to complete the work outlined with you within the price agreed. However, should we advise you that additional work is required not covered by the fixed price then we will apply our standard charging rates which will be outlined to you in our client care letter and terms and conditions.