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Dying Intestate

Intestacy is simply when someone dies without a will. People who don’t make a will die intestate and as a result it can often take much longer (months and in some complex cases years) to sort out their estate.

We would always recommend a will is made with the help of a reliable solicitor but understand that the vast majority of us never get around to it – almost 70% of us believe it or not!

If someone dies without a will – intestate - there are certain legal steps which exist to set out how the estate of the deceased (property, personal possessions and money) should be managed and who benefits from the inheritance. That means that the law decides what happens to their money, property and possessions and not you.

If you’d like to avoid dying intestate or someone you know already has and you’d like help with their estate, our specialist wills, probates and trusts team can guide you through the legal maze and help you protect your interests.