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Family Law

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Divorce Financial Settlement

Finances and divorce are actually dealt with separately by the court.

This is because the court will not make any orders about finances unless you ask it to. You can do this by reaching an agreement with your spouse and lodging a consent order at court to finalise financial claims. Or you can ask the court to decide how the marital assets should be divided by filing an application for financial relief. Divorce itself does not end financial claims so even if you do not have assets now, think about what may happen in the future for example if you win the lottery or inherit money – you may want to put a clean break agreement in place now.

Financial Clean Break Order Cost

Traditionally solicitors have charged on an hourly rate but here at SSB Law we are offering fixed fees so you have peace of mind as to what it is going to cost you. 

We offer fixed prices for finance matters. for a clean break agreement simply dismissing financial claims the fee is £299 plus vat. For a tailor made Consent Order to put in place an agreement regarding the division of marital assets the fee is £750 plus vat (subject to any additional fees if there are pension sharing orders). 

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