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Employment Law

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Whistleblowing for employers

Employer can be reported for:

Whistleblowing occurs when a worker or employee makes a disclosure about wrongdoing by their employer. The disclosure must relate to the following :

  • Criminal wrongdoing;
  • Failure to comply with legal obligations;
  • A miscarriage of justice;
  • Breach of health and safety;
  • Damage to the environment;
  • Any of the above list have occurred and will be covered up.

The disclosure must be made to a ‘prescribed person’, and what constitutes a ‘prescribed person’ will depend on the type of disclosure and the type of industry.

If an employee makes a protected disclosure they should not suffer detriment or be dismissed as a result. If the employee can show that they have suffered detriment or been dismissed as a result, they will be entitled to bring a claim. 

Getting help from a solicitor

If any employee raises a concern or brings a claim for whistleblowing, we can assist.