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Consent Orders

Standard Consent Order


Standard Consent Order dismisses financial claims for income, capital and pensions (just like a Clean Break does), and allows for up to 3 additional steps such as sale of a house, payment of lump sum, pension share or maintenance order.

We do all of the work to complete the Standard Consent Order, write to your spouse and his/her solicitors, file the forms at court and keep you updated throughout the whole process. So, we will:

  • Prepare a Consent Order setting out the financial agreement you have reached with your spouse
  • Complete the Statement of Information form setting out all your financial details
  • Send the draft Consent Order to your spouse or their solicitor 
  • Once all documents are signed, file the agreed Consent Order at Court
  • Deal with any enquiries that the Court may have
  • Keep you fully updated throughout the whole process

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  • You and your spouse have reached an agreement and your spouse will sign all necessary paperwork, including giving details of their income, capital and pensions.
  • The agreement you have reached involves a maximum of 3 steps, in addition to the clean break terms. For example, transfer of a house, sale of a house, payment of a lump sum, maintenance agreement.

Please note that court fees are not included in the price. The Court fee is usually £50 but you may get a reduction in this if you are on a low income.