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Employment Law

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Retainer for Employers

Employment claims can be lengthy, complex and involved, resulting in substantial legal fees. It is also very unlikely that legal costs will be recovered in most cases, meaning that even if the employee loses their claim against you, you will not be able to claw back money spent in defending a claim. If the employee is successful in their claim against you, in addition to legal fees you may need to pay out whatever award the judge has made in the employee’s favour.

We recognise that times are still difficult for employers, and that employers are therefore increasingly looking for fixed-fee solutions for their business, including their employment law requirements.

As such, we offer a fixed-fee employment law solution for you and your business, which includes an annual contract review, a solicitor at the other end of the telephone for your
day-to-day employment law enquiries, and an insurance element to cover our fees in the event that an employee does bring a claim against your business. The insurance element may also cover the cost of any award made against you. 

This can all done on a fixed-fee basis, meaning you have certainty of costs and peace of mind that your employment law matters are being managed.