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Employment Law

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Redundancy Pay and Insolvent Employers

If your employer has become insolvent you may be able to claim payments owed from the government’s National Insurance Fund on form ‘RP1’ which will be sent to you by the Insolvency Practitioner. Although there is no guarantee that you will get everything that you are entitled to, you can claim for the following : 

  • Statutory redundancy pay
  • Wages (up to a maximum of eight weeks)
  • Holiday pay (up to a maximum of six weeks)
  • Statutory notice pay (a week’s pay between one month and two years and then one week for every year after you have been employer for two years up to a maximum of 12 weeks) *
  • Unpaid pension contributions; and
  • Basic award.

* You can claim statutory notice pay if you’ve worked your statutory notice pay but not been paid for it, have been dismissed without notice or have only been able to work part of your notice.