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Employment Law

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Things to consider

There are so many matters to consider when making employees redundant, and by making someone redundant you are of course exposing the business to the risk of a claim.

If you need to make redundancies there are a lot of things that you will need to consider, including making sure that the redundancy selection criteria is fair and not discriminatory, following the correct consultation procedure, following a three-step dismissal process, giving proper notice of redundancy, offering alternative work to employees who are being made redundant (if there is any) and allowing employees who are being made redundant reasonable time off to look for alternative work or training.

There must be a genuine need for redundancy, which can be established if one of the following applies : 

  • Business closure
  • Workplace closure
  • Reduced requirement for employees

We can help with redundancy matters. If you are in the process of making redundancies and need guidance, or if you are defending a claim brought by an employee who you have made redundant, please contact us for assistance. 

If you are making someone redundant we would be happy to discuss with you whether a compromise agreement may be suitable. For more information on compromise agreements, please click here.