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What is the Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document giving somebody the power to make decisions on your behalf.   You (the donor) would appoint one of more people (the attorneys) to assist you in making decisions, or give them the right to make decisions for you.  This document is very useful and can make things a lot easier to sort out in the event that you were in a serious accident, if you were physically unable to get to the bank, or if you were to ever lose the capacity to manage.

Our Prices:

  • Single Property and Financial Affairs (P&F) £299 + VAT
  • Single Health and Welfare (H&W) £299 + VAT
  • Single P&F and H&W £399 + VAT
  • Mirror P&F £399 + VAT
  • Mirror H&W £399 + VAT
  • Mirror P&F and H&W £599 + VAT

* Plus disbursements of £110 per Power for registration fee to Court of Protection 

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