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Dental Claims 

We all go to the dentists even though we may not look forward to doing so. On the whole dentists do a great job of looking after our teeth but, every so often, things may not go according to plan. Dental negligence compensation claims can involve matters from something as seemingly straightforward as damaging a tooth during a routine check-up to something a bit more serious, such as complications arising out of anaesthesia. At SSB Law our clinical negligence solicitors can guide you through the process of making a dental negligence compensation claim.

Dental Negligence takes many different forms different forms, so we have set out some more information to assist you. Alternatively use the contact form to request more information or call us for a free initial discussion. 


Missed Diagnosis

This occurs when a dentist doesn’t diagnose a problem with your teeth, gums or any other oral problem. This can lead to the condition becoming worse and possibly causing further problems for you. Dental negligence compensation claims have arisen from a dentist failing to correctly diagnose an oral problem, this includes oral cancer.


False Diagnosis

This is different to a missed diagnosis in that instead of the dentist failing to spot an ongoing problem, the dentist hasn’t acted sufficiently to cure it. So this can be a misjudgement of what’s going wrong inside your mouth, or maybe how severe the problem actually is. Alternatively,, having diagnosed the problem, the treatment your dentist has decided upon for it is not right.  False diagnoses can often lead to a worsening of the issue, making it more difficult to treat further down the road.


Late Referral when Diagnosed with a Serious Condition


Catching a condition early is the best way to stop it getting worse. Dental negligence compensation claims often arise because the treatment required hasn't been put in place quickly enough so the condition has become much worse.  A tooth issue can quickly cause gum infections and abscesses and then turn into something much more serious if it remains untreated. Therefore it’s crucial that there are no delays once something has been identified.


Careless Dental Work

Dental work carried out without proper care and attention, consequently resulting in physical distress on your behalf either during or after treatment results in dental negligence compensation claims. Dentists have been known to extract the wrong tooth or fit crowns in the incorrect way. The umbrella term of careless dental work can also refer to the placing of dental implements in an inappropriate or unsafe place which leads to you – the patient – being harmed. Damaged tongues and gums have been caused as a result of this. We have also seen cases where parts of dental equipment have been left in the teeth or gums.




A range of issues can be caused by the use of anaesthesia, most of them considered to be very serious. These include:

• Administering improper dosages (either too much or too little)

• Lack of sufficient oxygen during the process

• Administering the incorrect drug - there are different kinds of anaesthetic and some people are allergic to some of them

• Equipment misuse or malfunction

• Ill-informed medical staff who have not been properly trained

• Disregarding (either wilfully or accidentally) of patient’s notes

• Lack of informed consent prior to the operation. For example; some dentists have administered drugs unaware as to what their patient was already taking or if they had any allergies. In fact, they are duty-bound to find out all that kind of information about their patient prior to treating them and warn the patient about all of the risks

• Lack of “nil by mouth” warning to the patient

• Anaesthesia awareness – when the patient receives paralysing drugs but has been mistakenly let conscious and is therefore unable to cry for help or communicate with the medical team.

At SSB Law we can help you to discover whether you have suffered from dental negligence and where things can be put right we can make that happen and in all cases we can ensure that you are properly compensated for the distress and pain that you have suffered and the ongoing care that you may need.