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Employment Law

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Contract Disputes

Contract disputes often arise where the employer and employee enter into verbal contracts of employment. That is to say, an employee and employer may agree the terms of employment but never write them down. Even if the terms of your employment are written down in a contract, a dispute can still arise if the terms are not clearly worded, or it may be that your written contract conflicts with your statutory rights. 

If you are in a disagreement with your employer about the terms of your contract, whether written or verbal, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

What to do next?

Although many people think that they cannot afford a solicitor to help with their claim now that Legal Aid is no longer available, we have a range of options which could make pursuing your claim more affordable than you think. For example, at SSB Law we can offer an overall fixed fee, help only with certain stages of the process with which you require assistance (again for a fixed fee), or we may be able to offer you a damages-based agreement, which is a type of no-win, no-fee. However, the starting point will always be to check any existing insurance policies you have, as they may include cover for our fees.