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Challenging a Will

If you think that you have been left out of a will or deprived of an iheritance it is important that you take advice quickly. At SSB Law we are experts at at advising people on challenges to wills and we provide advice and assistance to customers throughout the country. If you want to ask whether you can contest a will contact us on 0800433225 during normal working hours and take advantage of our Free First Advice. Or, should you not want to call or are looking at this outside of office hours why not use the "Have A Question?" form below and we will respond to you quickly with the answer to whether we can help you. And don't worry - we're not goint to harrass you or bombard you with emails and calls. We're here to help. Our reviews below show how our clients appreciate our no nonesense approach.  If we do think that you have a case we will be happy to discuss with you how we can assist you on a No Win No Fee basis.

You might contest a will, challenge a probate decision or dispute an estate because:

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You don’t think the will is valid

You don’t think you have been provided for sufficiently by the Will or the Intestacy Rules

You don’t think the executors seem to be administering the estate properly

You were promised something by the deceased but it is not within the Will

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Types of Claims

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