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Acoustic Shock Syndrome

Incidents involving exposure to high frequency, short duration, high intensity sounds through a telephone headset are an example of ‘Acoustic shock’.

Due to the nature of the role, some organisations have found that more employees from call centres are suffering from acoustic shock. In some cases the noise has been delivered through telephone headsets by way of electrical feedback, faulty connections or ‘latent sonic energy spikes’. The cause may be accidental, but the damage to hearing can be catastrophic, resulting in long term or even permanent damage.

Even within minutes of the event, symptoms can occur and can include discomfort or pain around the ear, loss of hearing, muffled hearing, a light headed feeling, tiredness and fatigue, feeling sick or dizzy.

Medium onset symptoms occur from hours to days after the event. These can include tinnitus, hypersensitivity to certain sounds and difficulty in working out what certain sounds are - due to distortion in frequency or intensity.

Both medium and late onset symptoms could continue for months to years after the event. Later onset symptoms can include phobias, anxiety and depression. Symptoms can vary greatly between individuals

If you believe that you have been exposed to excessive noise during the course of your working life and that you may be suffering from a hearing loss that has been caused by that noise, then contact us so that we can offer advice on recovering compensation on your behalf, which can cover the cost of hearing aids if they are necessary.