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Personal Injury

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Accidents Involving Machinery

accidents involving machinery personal injury

Where people are working around machinery, accidents are quite common and may result in severe injury and amputations.

Machinery can cause severe injury. If you’ve been injured at work because of inadequate training, poorly maintained machinery or a careless colleague, your employer may be liable under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

This is sometimes because the machinery is not properly guarded or is otherwise unsafe and poorly maintained.

On other occasions the person using the machine has not been given adequate training and sometimes fellow workers have been careless in their use of the machine causing injury to another.

The law relating to the use of machinery at work is complex and we are skilled in looking at the machines themselves, the training given by employers in how to use the machines and the general risk assessments carried out prior to accidents having occurred.

Our knowledge of laws relating to the use of plant and machinery means that we are particularly skilled in winning compensation claims on behalf of those involved in such accidents.

Led by award-winning solicitor Jeremy Brooke, our specialist employer liability team has decades of experience in helping people who’ve suffered accidents involving machinery at work. We’re professional, understanding and can build a case that will help you get the compensation you and your family deserve.