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Absence Management

When employees are absent from work it can have a negative impact on your business and the way it operates. At the same time, depending on the reason for the employee’s absence, you may feel powerless to take any action. It may be that the employee is suffering from ill-health and you may be nervous that taking action could leave the business open to a claim for disability discrimination. 

There are all types of scenarios involving absence at work. It may be that your employee genuinely is ill, and even though he or she has had several days off in a short space of time, this is unlikely to occur again either for a long time or at all. However, it may be that your employee is on long-term sick and the business is becoming unmanageable as a result. It may also be that an employee is taking a lot of time off work with seemingly no real reason, or they may be showing ‘patterns’ of absence.

If you do feel that there is an issue with an employee’s absence, as a starting point you should make sure that you have records of the employee’s absence and reasons for it. The more information you can gather the better, and you should look to keep fit notes / medical notes provided, any correspondence from the employee or their GP etc

Absence Management Policy